Thursday, December 3, 2009

Bragging about my baby boy

Emmett is amazing. I know I'm his mother, and I'm a little biased, but still I'm very impressed with my 3 year old son. Please be forewarned, this post is written by a very proud Mama (probably will only be interesting for the grandparents - and maybe aunt)!

I brought Emmett to his 3 year well-child exam today. I'll start off with the basic stuff:
Weight: 30 lbs fully clothed - 30th%
Height: 35.5 inches - 10th%ile
Normal hearing and vision

One part of the exam we fill out a questionnaire about what he's doing. According to his verbal level, knowledge of colors and numbers, the way he interacts with other children, the way he processes information, his ability to communicate, his level of independence... he ranked at the level of a 5 year old. I couldn't believe it!

During the hearing test the nurse set the tone on a pulsating rhythm. She instructed Emmett to raise his hand when he heard the beep. As we watched Emmett with his colorful little headphones, he broke out in a huge grin, made eye contact with the nurse and began raising his hand repeatedly in rhythm with the pulsating beep. It was just darling! The nurse had never seen anybody do this before. That's my son for you! He also participated in and passed the vision test with out a hitch. He really seemed to strive in this testing sort of environment. It was interesting to see him in a new situation almost giddy for his next task!

Just a few weeks ago one of family friends asked, "How old is Emmett? Is he turning 3 or 4?" I answered that he'll be 3. Our friend responded, "Wow, when you talk to him... he's like... all there!" This is a father of 4! I thought it was quite the compliment!

One thing I (mostly) appreciate about Emmett is that he is very independent and likes to do things himself. He is surprisingly thoughtful (offering a snack to a friend before getting one himself, calls my nanny girl "sweetie"...) and desires to help others. The picture below is of him making us all lunch - toasting the bread for our sandwiches. It was his idea. I just have to be careful that he doesn't overestimate his abilities and ends up doing something unsafe because he hasn't asked for my assistance.

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Buck said...

Look at how adorable he is!!!

Here's what I'm wondering - how do they test vision on a kid that can't read?