Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Pops, Pickles, Potty chair and Trivial Pursuit

We had a wonderful day full of pops, pickles, potty chair and trivial pursuit.

Pops...A woman at church asked me to make 200 cake pops for the preschools at the Christmas Eve service at our church. I said "yes!" and then recruited my friend Jennifer and my husband Eric to help me dip!

Pickles...the kids asked for pickles and gnawed away at them while we took pictures of their cute little selves.

Trivial pursuit...Israel and Jennifer came over to hang out with us this evening. The kids actually played upstairs while the adults engaged in a heated game of Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture. The ladies won (although to be honest, our win wasn't exactly fair, the guys totally deserved it).

Potty chair...this is the second time that I've found Eisley "doing her business" on the potty chair. Good job little lady!

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