Friday, December 11, 2009

Hand and feet reindeer

My friend Carrie's blog inspired our craft for today. Specifically THIS and THIS post.

Hand and Feet Reindeer.

We used construction paper (we don't have felt), glue sticks and markers. It's pretty self explanatory. I'll spare you step by step instructions :)

I just bought glue sticks for the first time the other night and I now wonder how we ever survived without them. The kids LOVE them! They kept saying, "This is mine?" They loved being in charge of the glue! Totally worth the 2-pack for $.87!

And the finished products turned out surprisingly similar to what I had in mind! This RARELY happens!

I wish we had had felt though. I love the idea of making these as a keepsake ornament. To capture the size of their sweet little hands and feet, but also their creativity - where to put the bow, eyes, mouth... Maybe we'll have to get some felt!

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KATIE said...

wow this is so cute! I think I will stop at the store after church and get some felt and glue :)