Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sitting on the baby bjorn potty chair

Eisley eating lunch. 14 seconds later...
Eisley taking nap.
Emmett never used to fall asleep at the table, so I'm really enjoying this sweet little sight!

Eisley sleeps great at night (10-12 hours through the night), but she is a horrible napper! She only takes one nap a day and that nap only lasts about 40 minutes (one sleep cycle). She sometimes sleep an hour and a half, but that is rare. Not sure what to do about it, or if I need to do anything at all! Thoughts?

Cute Eisley story:
Today I heard her making little grunting noises. Noises characteristic of her doing her business, if you know what I mean. I glanced around the corner and saw her sitting on the little yellow Baby Bjorn potty chair. "Are you going poopoo?" I asked. Then I smelled the confirmation of my suspicions. There she was, sitting on the potty chair, doing her business. "Good job Eisley!" She stood up. "Are you all done?" She sits back down. "Ok, let me know when you're done and I'll change your diaper." She stay sitting and then comes over to me a bit later. I couldn't believe it!

So I'm definitely not actively potty training her, but I am giving her opportunities to use the toilet, ie. letting her run around naked. However, my "open doors" haven't led to anywhere except the need to purchase more carpet cleaner! Here she is running around in her skivvies.

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Amber said...

LOL I love that she fell asleep at the table... so sweet! Oh and way to go Eisley! I am so impressed she went to the bathroom on the toilet! And I love the picture of her on the floor in the kitchen... so so cute!