Tuesday, December 29, 2009


What is your after-the-kids-go-to-sleep indulgence? Yes, I ate this with a spoon!


MamaBear said...

GREAT question!

For me it used to be TV (we told the kids that the TV didn't work at the new house but we continued to watch TV after they went to bed until last summer.

Now I'd have to say whatever sweets we have in the house. For PB it's video games.

Amber said...

Yum... that looks awesome!

For me it is often a homemade cold coffee or now, a french press coffee drink... so delish... while I play on the computer and wait for Chris to get home from work!

Mama M. said...

Oh my goodness...that looks amazing. I love (but forget to have it...) peanut butter toast and hot chocolate. YUM!! I think I need some!

Randi said...

I sneak in anything chocolate when the kids aren't looking...... sometimes I get caught. :)

Hilary said...

Oh my..yum!
I want THAT to be my after-the-kids-go-to-bed indulgence!

But, mine is really hanging out with my hubby on the couch, watching a movie and usually a snack consisting of cheese, apple slices and cashews.