Sunday, December 6, 2009


Let's just start the way I started off my day. This is what Eisley was wearing when I got her out of her crib this morning!
HAhahahaha! I laughed so hard! Last night as we were picking out what she would wear to church the next day, I tried these pedipeds on her to see if they fit. Well, I forgot to take them off before putting her to bed. Yes, it probably would have been even funnier if she had put them on herself; maybe in a couple months she'll be up to that kind of shananigans.

We spent the evening at my parents' house doing a little birthday celebration for my mom. Our gift was to set up a Christmas tree. So while she was at a rehearsal my dad, my brother and the kids bought a tree and set it up. My mom was thrilled when she got home!

A few pictures that were taken on our way out the door.

This first one cracks me up!

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