Friday, December 11, 2009

Decorating the Christmas tree, our reality

We got our Christmas tree tonight! Decorating the tree is always a bit more picturesque in my mind than actual reality. I dream of having christmas cookies baking in the oven with their mouth watering scent filling the air. Instead, the kitchen counters are covered with dusty boxes of ornaments and burned out Christmas lights. I dream of everyone taking out an ornament and carefully adorning the tree with handmade memories from years past. Instead, I am the only one interested in hanging our store bought ornamental balls, carefully placing them just out of little hands' reach. This year however, it may not have been my dream Christmas tree decorating experience, it was our reality and it was wonderful.

Emmett grabbed out the Santa hat and said, "ho ho ho!" Eisley put on the hat too. You know, how she LOVES putting things on her head.

Emmett really got into hanging the ornaments, all with in 3 fee of the ground and all just barely hanging onto the very last needle. I couldn't have done it better myself.

The kids adorned themselves with reindeer antlers and even posed for pictures.

Our ornaments may not go way back with years of memories, however, we have started a tradition of buying a photo ornament each year and putting a family picture in it. This one is from Christmas 2006, Emmett was 2 weeks old in this picture.

And, what would Christmas tree decorating be without a live Christmas concert from Family Force 5's #1 3-year-old fan? (wow, that was alot of numbers in one sentence).

Kids make most everything more fun, don't they?

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Eric said...

Emmett totally looks like a rockstar in the picture... if I do say so myself.

"Play Free Bird!"