Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The car's in the garage and other fun stuff

The morning started off the the making of Blueberry Flax Bread adapted from THIS recipe. I just substituted milled flax seed for some of the oil.

While the bread baked we headed outside to play in the snow. It was a little too windy and cold outside and the snow drifts too deep for my big kids so we brought some of the snow inside the garage for them to play in.

Is there anything cuter than a one year old toddling around in a snow bunting (purchased at the thrift store for $6.50)?

Eisley is VERY into peek a boo (which she says so adorably) and putting things on her head, which conveniently go quite well together. I took enough of these picture to make a flip book, but I'll spare you all and just share a handful.

We made a "blizzard" out of sprinkles, glue, construction paper and cookie sheets.
We got out all our wooden puzzles... at the same time! We really live on the edge around here!
And finally, Eisley did a little grocery shopping with her reusable shopping bag. Please excuse the jean belt.

And to think I worried I'd run out of things to say or wouldn't be able to find one interesting thing to photograph each day!

I forgot to mention...there's a car in our garage! It's been over a year since we've had a car in our garage. When I told Emmett, he said, "Oh! Let me see!" Haha, poor kid didn't even know garages were made for cars to go in. Poor little guy :).


Kami said...

This is really cute - how creative to play in the garage to keep a little bit warmer! :) Sounds like you guys had a great time.

By the way, that bread looks DELICIOUS! :)

Zajac Family said...

Oh my guys always seem to have so much fun, no matter what!! What happy little kiddos! :o)

Marie said...

I love the snowsuit! I must say I get tired just reading your blog Alyssa. You are always keeping the kids busy with fun activities. What great memories they will have!

Amber said...

Seriously cute pictures!!! I love them!

Brandi said...

How exciting to click onto your page and see that you've used one of my recipes!! How did it turn out? It looks great in the picture!!