Monday, July 20, 2009

Water Fountain sliding

There have been a few changes in our home lately - particularly in regards to my son, Emmett. First, he has become afraid of the dark. Well, not totally afraid, but afraid enough that he wants his light on at night. We have a lamp in the corner we leave on but it's a little too bright for my preference so I bought him a night light. The nightlight wasn't bright enough for him so we'll have to move onto plan B (which I haven't yet determined). The other night when I turned off his light before I went to bed, he awoke at 4:30 am crying, "turn my light on Mommy." I guess I've learned my lesson!

Right now I am writing you from the rocking chair in the corner of his bedroom. "I can't go to sleep Mommy." He wants me to rock him, but I want to blog and edit photos, so my compromise was to sit in his room with him while he goes to sleep. Funny thing is, he's not going to sleep. Instead he's sliding down his "water fountain" (his blanket draping off the side of his bed), chatting with his whale, and singing songs muffled my his dactdoo (self-named pacifier).

So that leads me to the second change in this home. For quite a while Emmett has been into imaginative play, but all of the sudden it's totally taken off. At the dinner table we had a sleeping horse, a sleeping pig, a sleeping cow and a sleeping rooster. One of the many times I was putting Emmett to bed I was informed that, "the whale is talking to you Mommy." Oh, right. "Whale, can you please help Emmett go to sleep? It's night night time." We also spent a significant amount of time preparing a bed for the whale - would it be on the rocking chair, right next to the rocking chair, in a tent beside his bed, in his bed. From my current vantage point I can not see this little whale so I'm not sure where he's currently resting.

I'm just hoping I can keep up with this creative and imaginative little guy. It's so fun as they enter into new phases and it definitely keeps me on my toes. Which is why I love my job more than I ever could have imagined.

I may need to gather up some authority and hold back my smiles when this amazingly adorable guy gives me his cross eyed "I'm innocent" look as I ask him to go back to bed. Seriously life would be a whole lot easier if this kid wasn't so stinkin' cute!

This is what I have to put up with everyday! How did I get so lucky?

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