Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Superman and Super Sipper

I've got a Superman (pronounced "soupaman") and a super sipper (we skipped the bottle and went right to the sippy cup/straw/real cup). Here are pictures of my super sweethearts!

(I rotated this picture in iPhoto and now I can't find the rotated version to upload)

(see her two little teeth?)


Marie said...

Way to go Eisley! You'll be ready for a third in no time. =) I can totally see her teeth. I can barely see Greta's popping through. Tip: in iPhoto you need to either duplicate the photo before editing or revert back to the original - both under the "Photos" menu. Have you tried this?

Eric said...

"Mmmm... this Coke tastes so good... mmmm." - Eisley