Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Oh I love a rainy day!

I looked out the window as I chatted with my mom and verbally mourned this cloudy and rainy day. The toy animals were already in time out, we've watched more than our share of TV, the craft activity was short lived and there have already been numerous breakdowns.

I suddenly had a change of attitude. I have been waiting all summer for a fabulously cloudy and rainy day such as this! What are we doing inside when we could be splashing in the rain - and taking adorable pictures - and wearing colorful raincoats! I grabbed our darling little raincoats, my dad's camera and my umbrella and here's what transpired. Needless to say, the tone in our home has much improved and hopefully these pictures will improve any tone that may need improvement in your home too :)

And my favorite...

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Amber said...

Adorable! Flora's little rain coat is so cute!! I love the pictures and I am SO looking forward to taking pictures with all the cousins together in about a week and a half!