Saturday, July 4, 2009

Born on the 4th of July

Yes I was. Born on the 4th of July! So, not only was today my birthday, it was also a day that we did a ton. So, buckle your seat belts and enjoy these photos!

We left the wedding yesterday and headed straight to Bismarck, ND for our family reunion. This is how Emmett spent THE ENTIRE 8.5 hour trip. He literally woke up when we pulled into our hotel parking lot.
And this is how Eisley spent the majority of the trip...


...but not as happy as she appears in these pictures. I have to say "thank you" to my friend Sarah who taught my how to nursing while riding in a moving car. It's pretty awesome and totally saved the day during this trip. Ask me later and I can explain it to you.

This is Eric getting Emmett out of the car. Adorable!

Our hotel had a water park so of course we hit the park right away!

Hitting the pinata. Emmett did a great job hitting it. Turns out all his t-ball practicing paid off!

Collecting the candy.

Family photo...

Picture with my grandparents (my mom's parents)...

Eisley loves my Grandma. And so do I! She is one of my all time favorite people.

Such a precious memory - inter-generational kick-ball game. It was so fun to watch. People from Emmett's age up to my Great Aunt Janet (maybe in her 70s) were all playing together. It was so fun to watch!

Firework watching took place in our hotel room while nursing my sweet little baby girl. So, sorry, no pictures!

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