Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I'll catch up later... on my NEW COMPUTER!!

As I was sitting working on my NEW COMPUTER!!!!!! I hear Emmett's door open upstairs. I begin to climb the stairs and I as I look towards his room I see his little tight jammied silhouette dancing in his doorway. I crack up - it's the cutest thing I've seen. Music is booming out of his room and he's standing in his backlit doorway dancing to the music. He runs towards my smiling face and says, "I had a nice sleep." Since it's only 10:00pm at night, he hasn't even gone to sleep. Oh well, it'll take a couple nights to adjust to our vacation 11:00pm bedtime.

I know I'm TOTALLY behind on pictures and blogs, but your waiting will be well worth it. We spent the weekend with family and I took a bunch of pictures. So hopefully I'll get a chance tomorrow night to update using my NEW COMPUTER!!!!! With all my gigs and ram I'm certain to be way more efficient :). Thanks Mom and Dad!


citydweller said...

I am glad you had a fun vacation! Can't wait to see you new computer. We need to plan a time to celebrate your birthday!

Amber said...

Ooo la la... a new computer! So fancy! I can't wait for pictures... I am behind on uploading too... I finally just put them on facebook! Ha ha