Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Cuties at the Tot Lot

A normal day in our house consists of changing environments numerous times throughout the day. We play downstairs, we play upstairs, we play in the garage, we play in the driveway and we play at the park.

One of my sanity savers is the little "tot lot" playground in our neighborhood. It's the perfect little park for the toddlers.

Like brother, like sister. If the kids watch TV I like it to be educational. I love Super Why and Word World.

Enjoy this two photo sequence...

Eisley and Sylvan only stay happy in the stroller very briefly. I very quickly let them out to eat pebbles.

One of my favorites to keep everyone happy is doubling up the swings and then playing musical swings - musical meaning mixing up the swings and musical also meaning singing as we swing.

I have a video of the kids singing while swinging, which I've been trying to load for quite some time - I'll try again later.

The kids playing together.

I was trying to take pictures of Flora because she was looking SO cute. Emmett kept saying, "Mommy, take a picture of me." He was looking pretty cute too, don't you think?

And here are the pictures of Flora looking really cute...

And then both of them looking really cute.

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