Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pebble Extraction

Want to guess which orifice these pebbles were extracted from?

"That's a strange picture," you may be thinking to yourself. "Why would she take a picture with two pebbles and a sad little boy in the background?" Well, I have an answer for you! It all started last night as we were all thoroughly enjoying the band Family Force 5. They put on a fabulous concert. I was watching Emmett as he dug through the dirt collecting little pebbles. He was content so I didn't think much of it until I saw him sticking these pebbles up his nose. I was cradling a sleeping Eisley so I calmly said to Eric, "He's sticking pebbles up his nose." Given that it was about 10:00 at night, napless Emmett's capacity for reasoning and rational behavior was completely expended. Eric was trying to determine if Emmett indeed had a pebble stuck up his nose. When the only response Eric received was complete hysteria and Emmett insisting that the stench coming from his hind end was not "poo poos" Eric said that it was time to go. We packed up our stuff and walked back to the car. When we got back to the car, both Eric and I thought we'd sleep a bit better if we took Emmett to the First Aid tent to have them check to see if Emmett had a rock up his nose or not. We raced to the first aid tent and the EMS told us, "I don't feel a rock, but even if he has a rock up there it will work it's way out. Nothing to worry about." We both breathed a big sigh of relief. Who knew a rock up a nose is no big deal? Anyway, we decided to head home to Chaska. That's where the story ends, until Eric and Emmett woke up this morning. Eric peeked up Emmett's nose and determined that there indeed was a rock up there. So, he asked Emmett to blow his nose and... pop... out came a little pebble. Then Emmett blew his other nostril and... pop... out came a big pebble! The next step, being the wonderful son and husband that they are, was so wake up Mommy and show me what had been extracted from Emmett's nostrils. The end.

Emmett picked out his own outfit...two polos, two pairs of basketball shorts (to keep himself "warmer"), red socks and skateboard shoes (nope, those were too small)... cowboy boots (nope, those were too small too)... brown crocs. "Mommy, what goes with this?"

Emmett showing us his two pebbles.

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Anonymous said...

I wasn't sure I'd remember your blog address when you said it today, but I did! We met at the MckPicnic today and I thought I'd bookmark your blog. I hope our paths cross again! So fun to meet you!

You have a beautiful family. And I totally love the picture of your husband cooking at the cabin.