Wednesday, July 15, 2009

SonShine here we come

We arrived at Sonshine today! Nine years ago, Eric and I (then just acquaintances) ran into each other backstage at this Christian music festival and the rest is history. We returned each year after that until we had Emmett. So, needless to say, this festival holds a special place in our hearts. So we missed 2 years and now are going back as a family. It's so fun and we're so excited to be here!

Things aren't quite as we had expected, but I'm not going to elaborate at this time. We're going to make the most of the changes and have a great time.

We loaded up our stuff to bring into the festival grounds. Emmett carried his chair.

We found a great place to sit and took a family picture...

No words necessary for this it!
Can you spot Eric and Emmett?

I love these tender Father-Daughter moments.

After being up close for a while, Emmett wanted to let loose and dance with this blanket for a bit.

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Amber said...

So fun! What were the changes? Maybe I should just call you sometime and see how it all went... I am just so curious!