Thursday, July 23, 2009

Little Kids Big City

My friend, Marie, and I went to Little Kids, Big City for a play date today. It's a giant play area for kids that is set up as a little city. We had a blast!

Emmett and Lauren

Emmett was drawing "W"s

Filling the car with gas - he knew just what to do. And, notice Emmett's "new friend George" in the passenger seat.

Lauren and Emmett grocery shopping...

Our baby girls, born 3 day apart, also had a great time and enjoyed all the male attention. There were three 4 year-old-boys who followed them everywhere for quite some time. It was really sweet. The boys were so gentle and loving. Eisley even gave one of them a kiss on the cheek. The mom (in the background of the picture) video taped it all.

Emmett all dressed up to do some repairs...

Lunch at Chipotle before we hit a few garage sales.

Emmett was determined to wear "big boy underwear" today. I suggested, "how about pull-up underwear" not being brave enough to go out all day with a barely potty trained 2 year old. He insisted on his "big boy underwear" so I went with it and grabbed a change of clothes. He's been asking to try s'mores ever since he saw a picture on the back of the graham cracker box. I told him I'd reward him at the end of an accident free day with s'mores. The end of the day came and he deserved a reward. However, I don't think he enjoyed them quite as much as he thought he would.


Amber said...

Who doesn't like S'mores??? But then again, Wyatt doesn't like Ice cream... so there you have it... we have strange children! :)

Eric said...

Is that a pack of "Hot Pockets" I see in the cart?

Also, who are these older guys that Eisley was hanging out with? They were so "gentle and loving"?!?! That's it! I'm grabbing my bat and hunting these kids down!