Friday, May 14, 2010

When Mommy's away...

...the kids will play - but no photos will be taken!

Did anyone reading this take any pictures? Blog posts without pictures are NO FUN!

I will proceed photoless...

On Friday I left for my first weekend away from the kids and Eric! Between my in-laws and Eric the kids were cared for all day Friday and Saturday. I spent two days relaxing, chatting, eating, walking, shopping, laughing and friendship bracelet making with 9 incredible women whom I've met through MOPS leadership.

Being with a group of solid Christian women who are all at a similar place in life is such a sweet thing. We talked about everything under the sun and nothing was off limits. It was a safe place to share and go deep. It was just a blast!

The greatest thing and really the reason I was able to have such a wonderful time was that I didn't have to worry a bit about the kids. I knew they were in loving hands and were having a blast. They played at parks, at a fun restaurants, played with friends, went on a bike ride, and even had a bath. I am confident they had fun because both of them are wearing new badges of a good time - bruises and scrapes.

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