Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Popsicles in the Bathtub

We literally spent the entire day outside playing with friends.

Our first stop was in a friend's yard. How much fun does this look? See the pack 'n play with all the balls? What a great idea! The kids loved it. I'm totally hunting down an old pack 'n play so we can do this at our house too!
Our second stop was at The Peppermint Twist. It is a darling drive-in diner with a gigantic fenced in play area for the kids. It is definitely some place we'll frequent!

Eisley sat happily eating the leftovers of Emmett's ice cream cone.
After a full day of playing in the sun and spraying layers of sunscreen I thought the kids could at least use a rinse. I had also promised Emmett a popsicle, so we combined the tasks.

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MamaBear said...

Thanks for sharing your sunscreen today! Julia is a little pink but without your generosity I'm sure she would have been FRIED after all that time in the sun.

See ya next time at the Twist :)