Monday, May 17, 2010

I am the kind of mother who...

I am the kind of mother who insists the kids take off their shoes when they get to the park. Who can play with rocks in your crocs or flip flops?
I encourage my children to climb the ladder so that at an early age they have free reign of the play ground!
I keep a little potty chair in the garage to accommodate my 18 month old who prefers the toilet.
I let my son play with a pop can that was spraying soda pop everywhere through a tiny little hole.
Then Daddy got home and despite all my hard work being such a fun mom, their Daddy always brings out the biggest smiles of the day.

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MamaBear said...

I agree, rocks in crocs is NO fun.

You probably already do this but I have to tell you how I learned (the hard way) to make sure to do a complete inspection of the park before letting the kids take off shoes or even go down the slides WITH shoes on:

Once when I took my cousin to the park (he was 2 1/2 at the time) he ran ahead and when I went to the bottom of the slide to help him down I discovered he'd slid right into a broken glass bottle. Now I make sure to check for broken glass everywhere before they play.