Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Conversations with a 1.5 year old...

Eisley: "Booty! Booty!"
Me: "Booty?"
Eisley: "Booty! Booty!" pointing to my plate
Me looking down at my plate: "Oh, blueberry?"
Eisley: "Yeah, booty!"

Another one...
Eisley's running around naked. I'm trying to catch her to get some clothes on her. She's running frantically away from me yelling, "I naket! I naket! Look at me! I naket!"

Conversations with a 3 year old...
After asking me how old I am he then asks, "How old is Jesus?"
"He was 33 when he died."
"Well, how old was he when he rose to life?"
"It was just a couple days after he died that he rose and went to heaven. "
"So is he 3 like me?"
"I said he was 33, but he's in heaven so I don't really know."

Looks like I need to brush up on my theology so I can answer this sweet boy's questions!

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Amber said...

Too funny! I frequently quote the "I Naket! I Naket! Look at me! I Naket!" Usually when the kids are getting into the bath :) I think it is SO cute... I can just hear her saying it in my head!!!
Oh and don't you just love it when kids bring up questions that you don't really know the answer too! Maybe we should brush up on it all together! We are smart!