Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Emmett makes my day

I can't quite put it in words the role that Emmett is playing in my life right now. He's a breath of fresh air. He's a joy to be around. He makes my heart smile numerous times a day. It is Emmett who makes my grey day sunny again. In often stressful days, when I'm low on patience, when my love tank is feeling empty, when my eyes are brimming with tears - Emmett provides the much needed word of encouragement, loving snuggles, or treats the other children with tenderness when I'm all out. He inspires me to be a better mom. Seeing how he talks to Eisley reminds me of how I need to speak to others. His frequent "thank yous" or "I love yous" show me how much these words mean.

Emmett will often say things like this, "Mom, thank you so much for making me a peanut butter and nutella sandwich!", "Mom, thank you so much for staying down here with me.", "Mom, do you know that I love you?"

This boy makes me day. And I'm enjoying it while it lasts!
Note: This does not mean that Emmett is with out his snappy comebacks, his tantrums, and his whining. He is a 3 year old human after all!


citydweller said...

And when you are the mom of a famous rock star he will still be your little boy! I can't wait to see him tonight!

Randi said...

Little boys sure do have a way of filling up their mom's heart.

Emmett is definitely something special!

Hilary said...

Oh my goodness...this post and video made me smile! No wonder he makes your days brighter :)
I LOVE how he rocks out his guitar... He's a pro!
Great seeing you last night!