Saturday, May 22, 2010

What you did today; the faith of a child

Dear Emmett,
We did a lot today, but it wasn't about what we did. It was about what YOU did.

We went for a family bike ride. You rode around on the bike ramps. You went up one very steep ramp very quickly. The bike came out from under you, you fell on the ground and your bike landed right on top of you. You were fine. I'm so glad you were wearing your helmet!
We went to Starbucks and we got a Caramel Frappucino. You got your own little cup with whipped cream and caramel syrup. You LOVED it!

We went to a discount furniture store to look at bunk beds. You rode happily in the red fire engine but you wanted to be driving the school bus.

So like I said, we did a lot today. You did a lot today. But it wasn't about anything I took pictures of. Today was about your bedtime prayer.

Emmett, tonight we read a book with various Bible Stories in it. The very last story was about heaven. The picture showed a swing set and Jesus playing with the children. You told me that Jesus was in MN (you thought the picture was in MN). I told you that this picture was to represent heaven. That in heaven Jesus will be there. There will be all the best things you can imagine, including parks and swing sets. You continued to ask questions about heaven. You were concerned that the children were too little to be in heaven. I told you that people go to heaven at all different ages. You asked when you were going to heaven. I said I didn't know. Only God knows. You asked if I'll be in heaven. I told you, "Yes! I will be in heaven because I prayed to ask Jesus to be my forever friend. I believe that Jesus died for my sins and rose again." At this point you jumped off my lap and ran over to the side of your bed. "I want to ask Jesus to be my friend!" You stood at your bed, your arms resting on the edge of your bed. I kneeled next to you. You began unprompted, "Dear Jesus, I pray you'll be my friend. Amen!" That was it! So simple, so pure, so beautiful. My sweet little 3 year old boy, Jesus knows your heart, and although your faith will go through hills and valleys, this is the beginning of your personal relationship with Christ. It's the most beautiful and precious things I have ever witnessed.

In the book we were reading, they had written a prayer you could have prayed. I purposely skipped reading the prayer initially, thinking you probably weren't ready, thinking that this isn't the "perfect time", thinking we should wait and do this when Daddy is around. Well, apparently I was wrong! God was right (surprise, surprise)! Your pure little heart was ready and excited to dedicate your life to Christ. After celebrating your new friendship with Jesus, we read your animal encyclopedia, I put you to bed and then I called Daddy. He is SO excited for you. We both got teared up and filled with joy over your faith - the faith of a child.


MamaBear said...

We had a very similar experience at our house tonight. Except for Julia and I it was in the bathroom after brushing her teeth. I wish I could remember the details...will have to think it over and at least write out what I can remember.

I got tears in my eyes then and again now reading about Emmett.

As Psalty the Singing Songbook would say, "Welcome to the family!"

citydweller said...

I tried to read this aloud to Amber over the phone and I couldn't finish because of the tears. Thank you for sharing this defining moment. I was this age when I prayed to ask Jesus in my heart and He has never left my side. Emmett, Grandma is so excited that you are Jesus' friend forever!

Amanda said...

I always underestimate what my kids are ready for too, that is great news about Emmett!

I don't know if you remember, but I commented a while back that we were combining our boys in the same room to free up the nursery for the baby. We decided to go with bunkbeds and found ours at Totally Kids in Bloomington. If you have the current Dollars and Sense magazine, they have a 20% off coupon through the end of the month. Did you decide about bedding yet?

Amber said...

Awesome Emmett! This is go great! I am SO excited to see your faith grow as you grow!!!!

Chloe said...


Randi said...

This is so wonderful!!! I look forward to the day when I get to share an experience like this with my children. Such a joy! What an amazing God we serve. :)