Sunday, May 23, 2010

Rolling in the grass

Haha!!! This picture cracks me up!
The kids weren't feeling the laying in the grass and look into the sun posing. But I must say, I find this picture absolutely hilarious!

Eisley likes to roll around in the grass. Seriously, she does.

With Grandma and Papa at Eric's cousin, Tasha's, Graduation Open House.
I thought Emmett was asleep and then every once in a while he's pipe into the conversation and say something or respond to Eisley. I'd glance back thinking he'd woken up and he looked like this.
And finally, look at those ringlets! I'm so curious if her hair will be curly.


Randi said...

It sure looks like Eisley's got some curls there. How cute!

Amber said...

Yeah for curls... we'll just say she got them from me... nope, I don't want to hear it... nope... she got them from me!!