Thursday, May 13, 2010

Eisley's 18 month stats

She's back on the charts! If you're a faithful follower you may remember that at her last well-child exam, Eisley fell below the 3rd percentile for weight. Well, she's back on her 3rd percentile curve! Here are her stats:
Weight: 20 lbs 1 oz - 3rd %ile
Height: 31 3/4 inches - 50th%ile
Head: 18 1/4 inches - 40%ile

At Eisley 15 month exam, after receiving her shots, I told Emmett to say, "thank you" for the sticker the nurse had given him. Eisley thought that I was telling her to say "thank you" so she said, "tank tou!" to the nurse. Now we are completing this round of shots. Eisley quickly composes herself and turns to the nurse and says, "tank tou!" and then said it one more time as the nurse was leaving the room. Not once did I ask her to thank the nurse. It was the sweetest thing I've ever seen - and the nurse couldn't get over it.

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