Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Name Necklace Saga

We have quite the name necklace saga and I'd love to share it before the details get cloudy.

Mother's Day 2009 I asked for a name necklace. Eric bought me one from Circle of Sentiments. I LOVED it! Silver for Eisley and future girls. Copper for Emmett and future boys. In July we went to a Christian music festival and when we came home it was missing. I called the hotel and looked everywhere! No luck.

For Christmas I asked for a new name necklace. It's all I asked for. Being the amazing husband that he is, Eric bought me my second name necklace; identical to the first. We went to the cabin for New Years and when I came home it was missing! I had my parents look all around the cabin, I scoured the luggage and NO LUCK! I was SO embarrassed. I had lost my second name necklace.
Then on Valentines Day 2010 Eric surprised me with yet another name necklace. This time he went to a different necklace place. We weren't sure if the clasp had been breaking or if it was just my own absentmindedness. He found Lily Ellen. Another fabulous jewelry designer. There be bought me THIS necklace...
Just a couple weeks ago the chain on this necklace broke. That very same day I found name necklace 1 or 2 (I can't tell which it was because they were identical) in my basket of toiletries. So I now have 2 name necklaces!

So now a fun little tidbit. I recommended a few jewelry places to a friend. She checked them out and told me that MY name necklace was a sample from the Lily Ellen website! How many Emmett and Eisley, brother and sister combos could there possibly be in the world (we like to think we are the only ones)? So here is the picture from the website.
I love all my name necklaces and seriously can not believe that I married a man wonderful enough to keep buying them for me!

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