Thursday, September 30, 2010

Uniquely Newborn

I'm feeling GREAT today. Probably has something to do with the fact that Ender slept well last night (the specifics of which I do not remember, just that he didn't have a long awake stretch) and Eisley slept through the night too (since moving her out of her crib about 2 months ago, she's had a rough time at night). We also spent the morning with my friend and her kids at a local apple orchard. The weather low 70s, sunny, light breeze and just gorgeous! I'd take this weather every single day!

So in my joyous state (as I'm typing this, Emmett just got off the couch and positioned himself sitting on the floor right next to sleeping Ender. How cute is that?) I decided to do the "uniquely newborn" post that has been percolating in my mind the past couple days. What are the things that are uniquely newborn? They are unique, they are fleeting, they are adorable, they are rarely spoken of, they are forgotten. Here's my (short) list. Please add to it! But first look at this adorable newborn! (I took this picture with Kristi's borrowed cocoon).

  • Fuzz that collects in the creases of their scrunched hands
  • Fuzz that collects in their neck folds.
  • Sweet little smiles while their sleeping
  • Painful facial contortions while they're sleeping
  • Scrunched up legs, of course!
  • Strangely long and weak fingernails...
  • ... and the dirt that collects under them (how is that even possible?)
  • Moans and groans and squirms and arching for a tiny little toot...
  • ... the precious little smile that comes after all that hard work.
I'll keep thinking... if you have any, please add them below!


Buck said...

Have you looked behind his ears? It's another "collection spot" for baby crud!

What about the slightly sour smell of milk on the breath and under their chins? I might love it, sour and all. :)

Ender is darling, hope I get to meet him soon!

Kristi said...

So adorable! That picture is GREAT!!!!!