Friday, September 3, 2010

They made, I made

THEY MADE... toilet paper roll octopi (octopuses? or they could have been spiders). I save all our old paper products (toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, oatmeal canisters, egg cartons...) in a box in our garage for random little craft projects. We just cut the 8 legs on the bottom, painted them and glued on googly eyes.
I MADE...bibs for my friend as well as for our new (unborn) little baby boy.
Then the kids wanted their pictures taken, like I had just done with the bibs. I just loved the lighting here, will definitely be taking more pictures in our entry way!


Jolene said...

Allie just looked at the pics with me and said, "Kieran!" Hahahaha!

Too cute.

Love the TP roll idea!

Buck said...

Oh my goodness, I NEED the puppy bib! Can I pay you to make Baby J a puppy bib???