Saturday, September 4, 2010

Excelsior Trolley

I've been wanting to do the Excelsior Trolley all summer and today my dream came true. It was even more fun because Eric came with us! We parked a little ways away from the loading area so we got to walk along to the tracks. It was a gorgeous low 70 degree day with a cool breeze.
The kids and the streetcar.
Putting our token in the token place (for lack of a better word!).
Emmett was loving it!!
Daddy and his kiddos in the 103 year old streetcar.
Then we walked around downtown Excelsior.
Back on the trolley to head to our car. This is a picture that includes my (almost) 39 week belly.
We all had a blast!

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JFK said...

You are raising my awareness of historic things to do in Minneapolis. Looks like everyone had a blast!
Emmett has great upper body strength, as I know from personal experience.
Eisley, too, feels like such a special person. You are giving your children what child needs. Significance. TY