Thursday, September 9, 2010

Home Sweet Home

We get to go home today!
Eric changes Ender into his going home outfit.
Eisley gives some last snuggles in the hospital bed.
Good bye to our beautiful hospital room (really, I thought it was beautiful! Brown and turquoise - what more could I ask for!)
Perfect 70 degree sunny day!
Loading up 3 kids!
And we're home!
We didn't stay home long though! After naps we went to fill my prescription, drop the kids off with my parents, visit my friend's new baby who was born on the 7th, back to my parents house for dinner and then back home! It was a WONDERFUL day!


Amanda said...

Congratulations! He is SO cute, I love all the hair:) Sounds like a scary delivery though, I'm glad you're both okay!

Laura said...

Your family is so precious and Ender is adorable! Love the name too! :)