Saturday, September 18, 2010

Jammie's 30th!

Eric and I celebrated one of my dearest friend, Jammie's, 30th birthday party tonight. Her husband planned an absolutely perfect surprise party for her at the Rosalux Gallery. It was a lovely evening full of meaningful conversation, delicious appetizers and new friend connections.
The birthday girl was so surprised!
View of the gallery.
Jammie and me (and Ender).
My handsome date!

Oh wait, I had to sneak one kid picture in here somewhere.


JFK said...

The first picture captured the drop-dead beauty and
Hollywoodesque style of Jammie. Simultaneously, you captured the 'super-star' handsomeness of Drew and the magic of this moment.

Drew and Jammie - the best life has to offer is in your hands. May you continue to let God bless your lives together in every single way. The best, the dearest - you are.

Anonymous said...

Two beautiful young women - now mothers of three.
You radiate joy and love - you are both so very beautiful.

Eric - A very handsome man! He is tops in my book!