Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sick Girl

UPDATE: Took Eisley to the doctor (of course during the 2 hour non-fever, bouncing off the walls with energy stretch) and found out she has an ear infection. She's now on antibiotics. Hope she feels better soon!

We've got a sick little girl in thi house. She's got a fever, is lethargic, whiney and tells me her tummy hurts. She just lays on the ground and falls asleep.
This little guy is all smiles.


Eric said...

You may not want to post that your child has an ear infection just a couple days after you post that you encouraged the kids to go out and play on a cold, windy, drizzling day. People may start calling child services.

Eric said...

P.S. Plus there are pictures of her in the wind and the rain without a hat on... also known as evidence.