Thursday, September 2, 2010

38.5 Weeks, Gymnastics and Goggles

38.5 week update. Here are the details from my doctor's appointment this morning.
  • I've gained 14 lbs to date
  • Measured 37 weeks
  • Not dilated at all (I wasn't with either other child when my water broke)
  • Because this is a VBAC they won't induce me, so I either have to go into labor naturally or I have to have a c-section. The doctor said she'd wait till about a week after my due date (she said the 20th) to discuss our options.
  • Can't think of anything else fun!
After the doctor's appointment we met some friends at Premier Gymnastics for open gym time. The kids' favorite was jumping into the foam block pit. Both kids jumped in without hesitation. I got in as well and could barely get out.
We spent time at Nana and Grandpa's after purchasing some goggles. Emmett transformed into a super hero who rescues people out of the water. Eisley just looked cute!


JFK said...

Emmett and Eisley have a lot of trust to jump into that pile of stuff. I am so proud of them! and You!

heidi said...

That looks so fun!!!