Sunday, June 13, 2010

What the kids are saying these days

No pictures today. Just wanted to document a few cute little things the kids are saying these days.

Eisley is blowing us away by the phrases she's saying, here are a few:
"Mommy, what are you doing?"
"I do it!"
"Don't do that."
"Stop, stop, stop!"
"Emmett, Come here!"
"Daddy, I be right back."
"Milky" is her shortcut for "Milk please"
"Hold you" for "hold me" - which I think is just adorable

Eisley's Potty Training Update
She also has not had a dirty diaper in weeks (months?) She uses the toilet for her #2s. Accidents in general are rare when at home, but she still wears a diaper when out and about. If I'm diligent about reminding her she's wearing underwear and asking her to use the toilet when we're out, then we can venture out in underwear, but I'm usually too lazy for that.

Emmett's cute story (one of many of course):
My nanny girl was drawing a picture on the magnadoodle. I asked her, "What are you drawing?" She replied, "Twee sa."
"Twee sa"
"Tree saw?"
"Twee sa"
"Emmett, do you know what she's drawing?"
Emmett responds confidently, "Tree sap, it's what the pygmy marmoset eats!"

Emmett always surprises me with his thought process and articulate way of communicating. He is a good negotiator (much to my dismay at times) and is starting to get a bit of an attitude. "Mom, you don't need to talk mean to me, I was GOING to do it!"

Thank you Diego for making my son smarter than me!
By the way, I've confirmed on various websites, including wikipedia, that he is indeed correct!

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JFK said...

"Twee sa".

That little girl is a good friend for Emmett. Sounds like they have some mighty interesting thoughts and conversations.