Thursday, June 10, 2010

Weird Day and night

It's been kind of a weird day from start to finish, especially when I thought the day was finished.

Eric was home this morning because he had to work late for school graduation. As always, it's nice having him around. We had a lazy morning, went out for lunch and went to Target.
After naps, the kids and I went to Goodwill (just for fun, it's Toddler Thursday, toys and toddler clothes 50% off!) and Joanne Fabric. I was inspired to make a bib. I already had the fabric, I just needed snaps.
Next time I will sew an embellishment on the terry cloth side (or maybe both sides) but today I didn't think about it until it was too late.
One of Eisley's latest accomplishments is hurling herself dramatically onto the floor when she's frustrated. She's always done the tantrum quite well, but lately the drama and dedication she puts into her tantrums have reached a new level. It's especially lovely when done on the floor of a public restroom.
Ok so here's where the day gets really weird. 7:00ish, I think our fun day has come to a close. Upon arriving home from galavanting, Emmett was sound asleep in the car and Eisley was silent and mello. I placed Emmett in his bed and brought Eisley up to her room. As I rocked her, she sat up frantically, "bed, bed, bed!" Ok! Who am I to argue.

Maybe an hour later Eisley woke up hysterical, which is very rare for her. She is quite a consistent nighttime sleeper. After a few attempts at getting her back to sleep, I gave up and let her join me downstairs as I sewed bibs and watched a chick flick. She drank milk, ate goldfish and looked through photo albums. She correctly identified me, Emmett, Daddy and Grandma in the photo albums. She did not recognize her uncle Chris or my cousin Rachel. "Who's this?" She'd ask.

Ok, so now it's 9:15ish and Emmett wakes up. Since Eisley is still up, lights are on and tv is blaring, it's rather hard to convince him that it's still bedtime. He joins the party downstairs, also has some milk and goldfish, and we turn on Dora. I closed my blinds lest my neighbors wonder what my kids are doing awake watching cartoons at 10:00 at night :).

10:30ish we're all fading. I place Eisley in her bed with out a peep. Emmett is asleep on the couch, which happened while I was putting Eisley in her bed. And I'm wishing I had a couple more hours to sew and blog and read sewing blogs!!

I think I'd better get to bed. These weird days (nights especially) are kinda fun - as long as they don't happen too frequently.

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