Thursday, June 17, 2010

Full fun day!

We had a GREAT day and got SO much done!

First we bought a bunk bed at a garage sale - including 1 mattress - for $20!!!! It's old and pretty beat up, but Eric wanted a "project" that he could refinish anyway, so this will (hopefully) be perfect. And if it's not, it's only $20! (Will post pictures as we start working on it).

Then we met friends at THIS fabulous water park/play area. I highly recommend it to anyone in the area.
Then we went to Babies R Us and bought Eisley a "Piddle Pad". I used to laugh at these, but now that Eisley is mostly wearing underwear, the car seems to be the primary (only) place where accidents happen. I'm tired of cleaning her carseat!

Next we went to get Emmett's hair trimmed. I could only bear to cut 1.5 inches. They even washed his hair this time and he did GREAT! Hair washing is always a battle around here, so I was very proud that he didn't put up a fuss for the stylist at all! I only have a before picture. Will have after pictures tomorrow. Look at these lovely locks! It's so hard for me to cut it! I LOVE his long hair!
Our final stop of the day was at Once Upon a Child. Each store is very different and I've fallen in love with the Shakopee store (for you Minnesotans). I go through my kids clothes to look for items to sell; things they've never worn or that don't fit just right. They always buy at least a few items, but I never walk out of there ahead. I always buy more than I sell, but still, I feel good to be getting rid of stuff! So, one of tonight's purchases were these ADORABLE wellies. Isn't "wellies" a fun word!? I lived in England when I was a toddler, and my mom still uses a few English words. This is one that's stuck with me. And if the word, "wellies" isn't cute enough, look at this princess (in her $.75 garage sale dress) wearing her new floral wellies!

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Slavik Royalty said...

We used to go to that park all the time! It is so nice.