Friday, June 11, 2010

Crowns, Puddles and Twins

I feel like some of our most productive and fun days are also some of our laziest days. Today was one of them.

The LAZY parts of our day: We watched more TV shows than usual. The kids typically watch Word World while I'm making lunch or while eating lunch. When the TV show is educational it's easier for me to justify. Considering Emmett has learned all his letter sounds from iphone apps, computer games and television I figure a little TV here and there not only doesn't hurt, but in my case actual helps.

Anyway, now onto the PRODUCTIVE parts of our day!

The kids made crowns and I taped them back together every time they ripped. Next time I want to make them felt ones. They loved decorating and wearing the paper crowns, the crowns just had a hard time holding up in toddler hands.
Then we went puddle jumping. It rained all morning and then when the rain let up there were fabulous puddles. I threw all caution to the wind and let the kids jump, play, stomp, butt bounce (Eisley's preferred method of splashing) and even lay but I DID NOT let Eisley drink the puddles when she tried. I had to draw the line somewhere!
We finished off the day by attending a Twins game (in the new stadium!) with some friends. I honestly didn't see any of the game, which is probably why I had such a great time!

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