Friday, June 18, 2010

3 Hour Nature Walk

2 adults, 8 kids 5 and under, 2 strollers, 1 bike, 1 backpack.
Egg carton with colored compartments.
Purple flowers.
Placing them in the purple compartment.
Floral rainboots.
One black eye. One scraped forehead, scraped hands and scraped knee.
No accidents.
But still, wet pants.
4 exhausted toddlers. And an exhausted Mama!
Purple flowers. Yellow flowers. Orange flowers. White flowers. Stalks of grass.
2 feathers. 1 green pine cone thingy. Brown pine cones.
"When can we do it again?"


Janelle said...

You took a potty chair on a nature hike?! That is so funny...and smart! Looks they all had fun!

Slavik Royalty said...

Awesome! Love the potty chair!

Eric said...

I love the lines 'no accident' and 'but still, wet pants' - it cracks me up. Also, I am surprised you made no mention of Emmett's Lightsaber on the nature walk. I assume you brought it with for protection (in case you got attacked by a couple of Sandpeople riding Bantha's while out picking flowers).