Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pet Rock Craft

We made "pet rocks" today. The idea thanks to Skip to My Lou.

STEP 1: Collect rocks from outside.
STEP 2: Get out your supplies (paint, smocks, glue, googly eyes, pipe cleaners...)
STEP 3: Paint the rocks!
STEP 4: Prepare for this reaction when you try to take the paint away.
STEP 5: Glue rocks together if wanted and add embellishments - eyes, legs...
STEP 6: Let your critters dry.
If you're curious what any of the above critters are, here is the description, in the kids' own words.
White w/ brown pipe cleaners: "lion" - upside down lion - upside down b/c the legs are drying
Red rock with black legs: "lady bug"
Blue rock : "Hammer head shark"
Green rock: "Toucan beak"
Brown rock: "again" - I have no idea what this means or if I misunderstood
Rocks w/ black tape: "monkey" which is taped together so the glue will dry

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Slavik Royalty said...

The "again" is my favorite!