Friday, April 23, 2010


I received an amazing blessing today. I've been wanting this All Terrain Radio Flyer Wagon. It typically runs over $100, even close to $200 (I looked online to make sure my memory was serving me right).

This weekend was our city's garage sale festival. So on Friday I took the kids on a 2.5 hour walk/park tour. Emmett on his bike, 2 kids in the stroller, 1 kid in the backpack and one in my belly. We were a walking circus and I wish I had a picture.

While we were walking around we stopped at a garage sale where I saw a wagon...THE WAGON. I have a few garage sale moments where I see what I want sitting there in the drive way. It's as if a spotlight is aimed at the object and in slow motion I walk towards it, hoping no one else as spotted this amazing treasure. As I walk towards glowing object I think to myself, "How much is too much? What will I pay for it?" Well, this was one of those moments. When I saw $25 on the wagon I was SOLD! The kids are enjoying it too!


Chloe said...

Awesome. Great deals make me euphoric!

citydweller said...

That is AWESOME and it is coming to the fair with us this year!(I hope)