Thursday, April 29, 2010

Brotherly love

This is Emmett.
And he LOVES being a big brother!
Speaking of being a big brother, here are a few updates about Emmett's little brother's/my pregnancy:
- Baby is measuring big so ultrasound tech recommended moving due date to 9/5 based on the 20 week ultrasound but the doctor is keeping it at 9/12 based on the 6 week ultrasound.
- My weight gain is 6 lbs. Hoping that 6 lbs half way through is representative of only adding 6 more lbs in the second half! That's wishful thinking!
- Ultrasound tech said he's REALLY wiggly!
-My placenta is posterior - it's been anterior in the past.
- I feel lots of movement - I love feeling baby movement!!
- I'm having major sciatic pain and pressure. That's really my only pregnancy complaint.

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