Monday, April 26, 2010

Internet is back and other tidbits

Today is the day we celebrated my nanny girl's birthday. Her favorite colors are pink and purple. So we made pink cupcakes.
With pink and purple frosting. Per usual, my awesome idea of having the kids decorate the cupcakes was better in theory. 1/4 of my kids decorated, 1/4 of the kids slept, 1/4 of the kids observed, 1/4 of the kids devoured before given a chance to decorate. It's your opportunity to play, "How well do you know my kids?" Guess who did what...if you want to of course.
The child decorated cupcakes.
The adult decorated cupcakes.
Then we did some scissor cutting practice, I mean "games".
Followed by an intense building of a house for the dragons.
PS: We got internet back today. Yea! I'll attempt to resume my daily blogging. How I've missed my blog!!!


Chloe said...

Ooh. I have a guess - Emmett decorated, nanny girl watched, Eisley devoured and nanny boy slept?

citydweller said...

I agreed with Chloe! I am so excited to see you all tonight!