Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My sweet little Eisley Belle

My sweet little Eisley Belle is a spunky, spicy, feisty little girl. She never ceases to amaze me with her vocabulary, her ability to comprehend what I'm saying and communicate with me. Each day she seems to learn something new or surprise me in some way. I can't think about her without smiling. She is just amazing!

Potty Training
She still goes diaperless at home but wears a diaper out and about. She has about 1 accident per day, only a potty accident. The past couple days she's done all her BMs in the toilet. I am so proud of her. I know eventually I'll need to take the plunge and go diaperless when we leave the house. I'm just not quite prepared to run to the bathroom at every beckon or to bring 7 pairs of pants with me. And just for the record, this potty training thing was totally her idea, not mine at all. She asks to use the toilet and often pulls her pants off and puts them back on herself.

She speaks so much I can not even begin to count or list all of her words and phrases. One of the cutest things she's doing lately is saying, "Otay." So I'll tell her, "It's night night time now." She responds, "Otay." She uses the word completely in the correct context all the time and it's just darling. Now, when it's not "Otay" with her, she'll say, "No tank tou." What a doll.

Yesterday when she woke up from her nap I heard her not crying, not calling to Mommy or Daddy, but calling out, "Emmett! Emmett!" I went up to get her and the first words out of her mouth were, "Where Emmett?" She always wants to know where Emmett is and what he's doing. Luckily, he's not yet grown tired of this.

This girl LOVES shoes. It is a frequent activity to take out her shoe drawer and try on various types of shoes. She often picks out a pair of shoes to wear to bed, which I allow her. I figure she can take them off herself if she wants too. Her favorite pair right now are a turquoise patent leather pair 2 sizes too big.

She's not a doll girl but every once in a while, and it's getting more frequent, she pulls out a "bebe" and puts her in the stroller, or puts her to bed, or just snuggles with her. Today she cared for a baby as well as her "dogghhhgh" (She very clearly pronounces the G consonant at the end of the word, in a rather guttural way.) Here are pictures of her hugging, petting, and kissing her dog.
I'm writing this all down so that I can look back and see who my little 17 month old daughter was. Therefore, I can not leave out these details. Eisley is feisty - or as my friend calls it, "spicy." She pinches, she scratches, she bites. She laughs when she's disciplined. She flails on the ground screaming. She walks directly to her corner when you ask her to take a time out.

Organized, and not
Eisley picks up toys without being asked. She puts her sippy cup on a table or gives it to me. She helps unload the dishwasher and put wet clothes in the dryer with out being asked. She seems to have a very organized mind and loves to be helpful. That being said she also loves tipping her plate over - while it's still full of food. She love dumping out entire baskets of toys. It's not uncommon to see toys being tossed over her shoulders.
What else can I say? I know I'll publish this post and think of a million more reasons why this little girl is absolutely incredible and more than I ever could have imagined. I'll remember all the things I want to capture in writing so that I'll never forget who this amazing little 17 month old is.

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citydweller said...

I love the way she loves to be tickled and play rough (but not too rough or too long) and when putting her to bed she is the best snuggler ever! She is such a joy and delight to me also!