Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Different, not better

Emmett love puzzles and is getting quite proficient at recognizing letters and numbers so this number puzzle is a perfect activity (it's been a great activity for the past 6+ months too).

Having two sets of kids at similar ages lends itself to a lot of comparing. I try my best not to make it better and worse rather, different. I'm afraid I don't succeed most of the time - I'm working on it! At the moment of the below picture, the same instructions had been given to both 3 year olds. Here are the different approaches.

These are all smart kids, just different, so it didn't take long before both puzzles looked like this...
Next we painted. I LOVE water color painting. It's not too messy and the kids got to wear smocks! ADORABLE!
When Daddy got home he did something really special for Emmett. He attached a water bottle holder to Emmett's bike!

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