Sunday, May 15, 2011

Timeline of movement

I thought, for a couple months, that this sweet, soft-hearted, easy going little boy would be our later walker. Emmett walked day before his 1st birthday. Eisley was taking steps at 9 months and walking exclusively by 10 months.
When Ender was 6 months old (almost 7 months) he was doing a slow army crawl. During his 7th month he started officially crawling. He just turned 8 months and he crawls primarily to find a place to pull up on. He's not really cruising yet, but while holding on, he will take a step or two.
He still kneels while he plays with toys.

Bends way down to pick up toys.

And then just today he stood by himself! I can't believe it!
Who wants to guess when he'll start walking!?


RockStarMom said...

Standing up! Oh my, what a bog boy! He's just 6 weeks older than Abby. She's not sitting on her own yet or crawling; I can't even imagine her standing.

Daphne Hope said...

WOW! He is a mover. Elijah just pulled himself up twice. He is pretty content with army crawling or rolling to get places still.

heidi said...

Go Ender!!! What an athlete!!!

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness!!! He's only a couple weeks older than Jenna and she's not crawling yet!! Wow!!! I bet he's walking by 9 months at the latest!