Monday, May 2, 2011

Little tidbits

Eisley has started talking with a lisp. "S" at the end of words, and only the end, are now "th". It's strange how this came out of nowhere! We'll see how long it lasts!

Emmett has started composing music. He'll tell me he wrote a song about XYZ. He then sings a unique melody and words. It's the cutest thing. I'll have to get it on video!

I've never had a child who just plays happily in their crib all alone. Well, now I have one! It is the cutest thing ever. Ender will just play and play and play in his crib. Then when I walk in, he gives me a shy smile. He's started pulling himself up on things. Sometimes he's on his feet in his crib. Most often he's kneeling and pulled up. Today he pulled himself up on a small rubbermaid bin and started pushing it around the floor. I could hardly believe it! When trying to replicate it for Eric, it didn't work.

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