Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Family picture

Tonight Grandma babysat. The kids love it when she babysits! Here is the story I heard 3rd hand (Grandma told to Eric who told me).

The kids were coloring and Eisley was working on a coloring sheet and the instructions said, "You are Hello Kitt's friend too. Draw a picture of yourself." Eisley scribbled an orange blob. Grandma asked Eisley to tell her about the picture. Eisley asked Grandma to write down who was in the picture, "Eisley, Mommy, Daddy, Ender." Emmett came over, took a look and said, "Emmett too?" Eisley, with out hesitation, responded, "no!" Emmett begged, "please?" Eisley was confident, "no."

Later when Grandma was picking up after the kids went to bed and found this... Emmett had drawn himself into the picture and had added his name to the list. Ha! These kids are awesome.
(Eric and Grandma, feel free to correct/add details where I've missed them!)


Christ follower said...

Pretty good for third hand! Emmett wanted to draw the picture of Eisley and he was VERY disturbed that she would not let me put his name on the page (she didn't want Grandma on it either)so when she went potty he must have done this because we went upstairs right after that. I laughed out loud when i discovered it!

RockStarMom said...

I love his self-portrait! I can see how he would be upset to be left out of the picture; he's such a tender-hearted boy!