Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving coming soon!

We attempted to read the Thanksgiving story today. I don't have a book, so I just read the story off the internet. As much as I tried to make it interactive and interesting for the kids, I didn't make it through the story and I completely lost the 2 year olds.

Then we tried to make hand print turkeys. They were relatively successful. The paint dried REALLY fast so by the time I painted all of Eisley's fingers and hand, they were all almost dry. We ended up doing 1 color turkeys.
And totally changing the subject, I asked Emmett to pack his bag for our trip to the cabin. I told him what he needed - 2 pairs of underwear, 2 outfits, 1 pair of jammies... I didn't watch to make sure he was doing it properly, but once he was in bed, I checked his bag to make sure he hadn't forgotten anything. This is what I saw.
I just love how he folded his clothes, it's so organized. The little pocket on the left holds his socks. The top pocket (not shown) has his shoes. I think it's just adorable!


heidi said...

He's so grown up!

joanne kersten said...

Amazing little guy! Amazing that he follows through on the instruction in such an orderly fashion. Did you tell him to pack his favorite blanket? I see that probably went in first!