Monday, November 8, 2010

Hospitality in practice in chaos

Last month I was asked to team up with my friend, Britni, and give a presentation to our MOPS group about Hospitality. We both felt very unqualified to be giving a speech about hospitality since we don't often have people over. So, today, when my friend asked what we were up to, I decided to practice what I preached and I invited her over. Another friend also came. I only had about a 15 min notice so I just let the insecurities of my distasterous house go and just enjoy the fellowship. And that is what we did. 11 kids (4 y/o and younger) and 2 wonderful friends made for a fun morning. We walked to our little park, played outside in our alley and picnicked on the ground with apples, hot dogs and peanut butter sandwiches. So glad I didn't let my own personal failures (a chaoatic home) stop me from enjoying all that God has to offer in fellowship.

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Christ follower said...

Good for you! It is sometimes hard to just let go and enjoy your guests when you have just a moments notice!