Saturday, November 20, 2010

Birthday Party 2 and 4

Today we had the kids' joint 2nd and 4th birthday party. Most of our friends have kids similar ages to both of ours, so it just made sense to do one party. That being said, looking back, there are quite a few things we would have done differently. I'm going to document some of those things here so that next year I can look back and apply my own recommendations :).
* Recommendation: Emmett seemed overwhelmed by all the people. He may prefer a smaller gathering. Eisley seemed find in the larger group.

The Party Concept and Games:
Super Hero Training (and dress-up) party. The kids would participate in various training activities (games) and would earn rewards after each game. For example, after the Super Hero Search and Rescue (looking for little super hero figures) they would earn their super hero mask. After other games they would earn treats. After all the training activities they would be given their official Super Hero Capes. The dress-up part played in, because we brought our bin of super hero dress up clothes and throughout the party kids changed costumes as they wished.
* Recommendation: We only got to 2 of the 4 games. The game concepts were a bit too complicated for some of the kids. Granted we had a age range from 2-6 so that is a wide range of abilities. If we had to do it over again, we would have done our favorite games first. The good thing we did was repeat the games the kids were enjoying.

The Gifts:
The goal was to have a "gift blanket" where the birthday child would sit with the gift giving child while opening the gift. The other children sit around the outside of the blanket. This would make the gift giver feel special and would also allow an opportunity to take a picture of the children together and the gift (document for thank you notes).
*Recommendation: This didn't work very well - see pictures. Not sure if it was the age or number of kids.

Look at these adorable Super Hero Blocks with the kids' pictures on them? They were a huge hit. Thanks Britni!
The Cake (Pops):
We did these last year for Emmett's party (cake pop recipe) and they were a huge hit so we did them again. Yep, they were a huge hit again. I would highly recommend these for any youngster's party. No messy cake, no dirty dishes, no piles of left overs. They're great!
The kids gathered...
...and then Emmett and Eisley blew out their candles.
The Capes:
I almost forgot to give them out! I made each child a cape with his/her initial on them. The biggest bummer was that I really wanted a picture with a bunch of the kids wearing their capes. Oh well!
Attempt at a group picture...I have no recommendations for this. I think we did about the best we could!
It was a wild and crazy whirlwind of a morning, but I think the majority had a blast. For the record we had 18 kids age 2-6, 5 babies age 0-1, Dad dressed in all black as Super Villan (and one mom), 6 pizzas (could have had more), orange punch, a few color coordinated candies, masks and capes.


Amber said...

You made each kid a cape? You are super mom!!!! Looks like you guys had a great time! Wish we could have been there to celebrate!

JFK said...

There was no evidence that 18 children, Super Villan Dad, one mom, 6 pizzas, orange punch, coordinated candies, masks and capes had invaded our home. Amazing! You must be super moms!